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Are Vampires Part of Pagan Religions?

Why Are There No Vampires in the Wicca Books?

By Patti Wigington Updated September 24, 2019

So you've been reading a lot of books about Wicca and other Pagan religions, and you've seen mention of all sorts of supernatural phenomenon, from divination to ghosts to things you've maybe never even heard of... but there's no mention of vampires. Why do you suppose that is?

Did You Know? While there are some people that we refer to as energy vampires of psychic vampires, the blood-sucking you see in fiction isn't part of Pagan practice. Early vampire fiction was considered quite risqué — it combined death with sex and lust, which was frowned upon by polite society. Nice young ladies didn't read about vampires. Some people, who consider themselves sanguinarians, obtain blood to drink from voluntary partners, which is always done in a consensual manner. This,…

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