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PC Problems

My decent laptop wont turn on anymore; I think I broke it somehow but I do have my old ass PC that is slow as hell and doesn't work the best so its been difficult. I most definitely need a new one and my main phone is the same way as it too will not turn on anymore so I need a new phone also. Too many expenses for JP...

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Damn cops and athletes

I'm so tired of watching these shows we're stupid ass police or stupid ass people beat on people who are who aren't as strong as them and beat the shit out of them and think they're better than us we'

Spotify sucks

Spotify tried to ban my music because of a few songs, fake, algorithms, or some BS. I am not supporting them anymore!


I was in a rough situation at home and had to moved; the depression, mood swings, and my room mate was not good for me I moved to 4133 Emerald lakes Blvd. Powell, OH 43065 wish me luck in a strange ne


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