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Worst Bithday - life ever for how long

I sware my life just keeps getting worse. I basically am working for free as the banks keeps taking all my money and what is the point of working for free? They better fix this soon. So I most likely will not have a birthday after all and is not worth living life such as this. I am so tired of living like this; I thought being poor was horrible but working for free and having no income is far worse. EVERY THING I DO GET WITH SSI JUST PAYS MY BILLS AND RENT AND BARELY AT THAT. I sware I do not even want to be here in this world. I only have a very few people who care about me but I try not to be too selfish besides every time I do try the God's will not seem to let me die so I guess I am stuck in my crappie life and happy crapday to me...

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